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Finding the book that will turn you into a reader

I often get asked, "How do you find the time to read so many books?" The answer, firstly, lies in a habit forged during my law school days: devouring vast amounts of literature each week. However, these days, fantastic technology allows anyone to easily immerse themselves in books. I'm a big fan of Kindle Unlimited and Audible.

A tip that not many people are aware of is that buying the same book on both Kindle and Audible can land you a generous discount. I usually purchase the Kindle version first, then follow up with the Audible bundle. But the real magic is in their synchronization feature. You can listen to a book on Audible while running on the treadmill or driving, then switch to Kindle, and it picks up right where you left off in the audio version.

I usually turn to Kindle before bed or when I want to highlight or annotate pages. With Kindle available on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and of course, the Kindle device itself, my books are always within reach.

Additionally, I make good use of Readwise. It's where all my Kindle highlights and comments go, and then each week, Readwise sends me a digest of my highlights. This keeps everything I've read and found interesting fresh in my mind. So even amidst a busy schedule, there are ways to make reading a seamless part of your day!

And remember, if you feel like reading isn't your thing, you likely haven't discovered the right book or topic that truly sparks your interest. Keep looking, and I guarantee once you stumble upon it, you won't be able to put it down. Books are powerful catalysts for ideas. They motivate us, imbue us with the author's energy, and stoke our creative fires. So don't give up – your perfect read is waiting just around the corner!