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Important Alert for App Developers and Bloggers

Photo by Christin Hume / Unsplash

New Data Privacy Rules

Hey, everyone in the app developing, marketing, and blogging world!

There's a big update in data privacy that you need to know about.

We're all familiar with rules like GDPR and how they help keep user data safe. Standards like ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and ISO 27018 help us not to be lost in all those requirements. But now, things are getting even more detailed:

It's about more than just the data you are currently gathering. Now, we also have to think about the data we collect without directly asking, like through cookies on websites, tracking where someone goes in an app, and even how old they are (yes, it's a trap! From one side - mandatory requirements, from another - extra private data collected).

Remember those one-time marketing surveys? Those count too.

And there's more. What about all that old data from years ago - info from past employees, freelancers, suppliers, customers who bought something ten years ago, or old marketing studies? If you still have any of that information, it's time to look at it and evaluate all related risks.

For all of us creating apps, running marketing campaigns, or even just writing blogs, we need to be super careful with any data we have. It's not just about following the rules; it's about understanding clearly - how many rules are there and what information they applicable to?

So, let's remember: it's about more than just the data we actively collect. We must think in the cross-departmental sense about all our data, including historical data: what data HR and the requirement agency is collecting on our behalf? Marketing department? Freelancers surveyors? Software developers?

I hope you see the scale and impact of those changes.