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Planning business travel can be a complex task, particularly when it becomes a weekly routine. To ensure the upkeep of mental health, it's vital to sprinkle in elements of enjoyment and fun during each trip. I personally prioritize a few things while planning my travel.

Firstly, my chosen hotel must boast a well-equipped gym, preferably not tucked away in a basement with a view of garbage bins. A gym located on the rooftop, overlooking the city, is my ideal setup.

Secondly, the hotel I select needs to offer the best view possible. Whether it's a serene sunrise over a farm or a sweeping cityscape, anything is preferable over the sight of another building's wall.

My third rule is to avoid red-eye flights. If a flight delay leaves me stranded at a transition airport, I'll opt to rent a car and secure a hotel room for a good night's sleep. Health, often compromised by stress and sleep deprivation, should always be the priority.

Lastly, if airport work is a necessity, I find it beneficial to pay for a business lounge access. The enhanced security shows respect for client confidentiality, and the conducive environment can significantly boost work concentration and efficiency.

I'm curious, what do you prioritize while planning for your business trips?