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Photo by Rami Al-zayat / Unsplash
This is planned with the best and optimistic of all intentions 😂 Not sure where it will go, will see 🤞🏻

Instagram: || a glimpse into the auditor's life
Join me on Instagram to peek behind the scenes of auditing – a demanding yet fascinating profession. My feed features the intense planning and long working hours that define our field. While I can't reveal the names of my famous clients, I offer insights into balancing a hectic schedule. Discover my productivity tips on managing a full-time job, frequent travel, active engagement on five social networks, consultations, lectures, and family life without losing your sanity.

X or Twitter: @bobkovaonline || engaging with the community
Twitter, or as it's now known, X, is where I connect with individuals and companies. Admittedly, I'm still exploring the best ways to utilize this platform. Your follows, comments, and support on my Twitter posts would be greatly appreciated as I navigate and grow in this space.

YouTube: IMS Free Power || professional insights and case studies
My YouTube channel is (will be?) a treasure trove of professional content. It will include case studies, comprehensive audit overviews, lectures, and detailed work with documents, offering valuable insights into the auditing process.

LinkedIn: Elena Bobkova Virginia, USA || professional content
LinkedIn is my most developed, full of valuable information and primary social network. I regularly share what might seem mundane to the general public but is highly informative and helpful for professionals. It's an ideal platform for those interested in the deeper aspects of auditing and professional development.

This website:
Everything about my professional and personal interests converges on my website, Here, I strive to compile all my content, ranging from professional topics to personal interests like woodworking.

You'll also find long reads and access to all my templates and consultations, which are based on over 100 audits for each ISO standard