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Photo by Alice Dietrich / Unsplash

I wanted to share this here because it's different from what I usually post. I've decided to focus my content solely on audits and career development, so any unrelated topics will go here.

As many of you know, I'm not new to blogging. My first blog, which I started in 2004, lasted almost 10 years. It became somewhat popular, and I published it in three Russian books and one English book.

Following that, I had a YouTube channel and an Instagram account, among other platforms, where I gained a significant number of subscribers before eventually moving on.

I left those platforms because I outgrew the niche I was writing about, which was fitness and healthy living, in case you're curious.

Now, having learned a lot about blogging in the last two years, I'm excited to share again. As Stephen King said, "You have to write if you cannot not write." That's exactly how I feel.

I currently have a popular LinkedIn profile where I post strictly professional content about auditing.

I also have an Instagram account, which I intend to use for English content. This is a bit daunting for me. I speak clearly about audits, but I tend to mumble and talk slowly on camera. Speaking and writing without an audience has always been a challenge for me, which makes the first posts and videos the hardest.

I really need to start making longer YouTube videos, but that means refreshing all sorts of skills, from setting up lists to video editing. I've realized I can continue doing this with two conditions:

  1. Focus on the goal of publishing videos and posts: aim to publish a certain amount by the end of the year without worrying about subscribers or comments, just to establish a routine.
  2. Batch videos and posts: I can only do this every 2-3 months, then post them as scheduled. If I can't do that on a platform, I won't write or publish there at all.

So far, scheduling is going well on Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. I don't have a problem with a lack of writing ideas, just a lack of time.

But with videos... During my first attempt at batching, many things went wrong. Voice recordings failed, I was out of frame, and the screen recording didn't work. But I set the right goal for myself: to record batch videos before the new year, regardless of how they turned out.

The second try wasn't easy either. Nothing worked on the first or even fifth attempt. Finally, I recorded all the videos. Two weeks later, when I went to edit them...

I noticed several issues: the backdrop slid off, I had to slouch to fit in the frame, the camera angle was wrong, and I barely fit in the frame, resulting in an unflattering appearance. Plus, it was too hot because I had turned up the heat and forgotten about it.

The worst part? Smudged red lipstick from kissing my cat for luck before filming. That red line in my chin now is on every video 😂 And the cat had a red paw print for a week.

Two weeks later, I realized that if I didn't edit and post the videos "as they were," I wouldn't have the willpower to refilm them.

Plus, YouTube apparently reduces video quality for the first two months for new channels. I published the first video today. You can see my embarrassment here.

The shorts, already seen on Instagram, are hard for me to watch. I'm waiting for the next batch, hoping they'll be less awkward.

I hope my story inspires you to try something creative, even if you're hesitant. I believe no one can be perfect on the first try or after a long break. We all need practice.

This is the new youtube channel:

Please do not forget to like and comment, at least for the smudged lipstick 🌝